Solar Underground light ESL-01/SSL-05

Solar Underground light ESL-01/SSL-05
Model ESL-01 SSL-05
LED 20 Lumens 30 Lumes
Battery Type Rechargeable Li-ion
Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
Solar Panel Monocrystalline silicon ,
17% effcency
Monocrystalline silicon ,
17% effcency
Solar charging time 7 Hours by bright
11 Hours by bright
Lighting time High bright light 50 Hrs 3 Nights after fully charged
Lighting mode High brightness for
whole night
High brightness for whole
night, Lighting color turn
to blue when person pass
by, blue lighting for 30
seconds and then turn
back to pure white
Waterproof IP 68 IP 68
Material Stainless steel and
Stainless steel and
Size ф128*58 mm ф170*55 mm
Work temperature -25⁰C to 65⁰C -25⁰C to 65⁰C
Application Garden, Courtyard, Road, Park, Street, Pathway