Small wind turbine EWTV 30W

small wind turbine EWTV 30W


  • Self starting in low wind
  • Low noise and vibration, no be affected by turbulence
  • Capture wind from any direction, no limit on terrain, low requirement on mast height and floor space
  • Aluminum alloy integral extrusion molding achieves high strength and light weight
  • Simple module structure, easy for installation and maintenance
  • Birds friendly
Technical specification
Rated power 20W @11m/s
Peak Power 30W
Start‐up wind speed 2m/s
Cut‐in wind speed 3-20m/s
Survival wind speed 35m/s
Noise ≤40dB
Rotor diameter 560mm
Swept area 0.21m2
Blade 5pcs alumimium alloy
Blade length 370mm
Shell material Erosion resistant aluminum
Rated RPM 330
Weight 6KG
Generator type 3‐phase AC PMG
Speed regulation & protection overvoltage charge controlling
Rate Voltage DC 12/24V
Suggested battery capacity 2pcs 7AH/12VDC
Tower type 6m guyed cable tower
Working temperature ‐30‐65℃