Small Wind Turbine EWTH 400W-C

Small wind turbine EWTH 400W-C


  • Highly efficient and productive at all wind speeds
  • Virtually silent and vibration free in operation
  • Low maintenance “fit and forget” engineering
  • Attractive, visually pleasing design
  • Robustly constructed for a long service life
  • Ideal for mounting on building or boats
Technical specification
Rated power 200W @14m/s
Peak Power 400W
Start‐up wind speed 2m/s
Cut‐in wind speed 2.8m/s
Survival wind speed 35m/s
Rotor diameter 1.1m
Swept area 0.95m2
Blade 5pcs high‐strength Nylon‐fiberglass
Blade length 52cm
Shell material aluminum alloy
Rated RPM 800
Weight 17KG
Generator type 3‐phase AC PMG
Speed regulation & protection Stall&Electromanectic brake
Rate Voltage DC 12/24V
Suggested battery capacity 1pcs 150AH/12VDC
Tower type 6m guyed cable tower
Working temperature ‐30‐65℃