Small Wind Turbine EWTH 10KW

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  • Excellent power output performance during the common wind speed between 5m/s and 9m/s
  • High efficient synchronized PMG generator with low starting torque
  • Lower RPM rotational speed avoid the risk of over speed malfunction and bring lower noise emission
  • Multi‐protection systems ensure high reliability and safety during high wind (passive self‐furling +
    electromagnetic brake + manual brake)
  • Equipped with high quality NSK brand sealed bearing
  • Long lifespan design by using superior aluminum alloy and cast steel in accurate die‐casting tech and the anti‐corrosion treatment for all kinds of circumstances
Technical specification
Rated power 10000W @12m/s
Peak Power 15000W
Start‐up wind speed 3m/s
Cut‐in wind speed 4-30m/s
Survival wind speed 45m/s
Rotor diameter 7m
Swept area 38.47m2
Blade 3pcs reinforced fiber glass
Blade length 340cm
Shell material precision steel
Rated RPM 200
Weight 650KG
Generator type 3‐phase AC PMG
Speed regulation & protection Yawing + electromagnetic brake+ manual brake
Rate Voltage DC 120V‐500V
Suggested battery capacity 20pcs 200AH/12VDC
Tower type 12m free standing
Working temperature ‐40‐60℃