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Jual lampu downlight philips murah 120 watt

Lampu downlight led murahLampu Downlight tampak atas









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Led down light features:

1.Led surface mounted downlights long life, environmental protection and pollution-free, non-thermal radiation, the eyes and skin without any harm, does not contain lead, mercury and other pollution elements, the perfect alternative to surface mounted metal halide lamp.

2. high bright chip, top brand in USA.

3. MeanWell/Feilong Power Supply, more stable.

4. Using fins cooling technology, Good heat dissipation effect.

More Fitur:

1.Pure copper heat pipe is attached to the heat
source at zero distance, and the heat generated
by the light source is quickly and evenly transferred
to the modular heat sink, which greatly improves
the heat conduction effect.




2.With 30 °, 50 ° high-purity aluminum flake reflector
selection, professional optical design 40 ° shading





3.LED surface mounted downlights have a long life,
no environmental pollution, no heat radiation, no
harm to the eyes and skin, no lead, mercury and other
pollution elements, a perfect alternative to metal
halide lamp downlight.


4.Conduit and lifting installation, easy to install
and apply to different places.






5.Metal protective net cover, to prevent large pieces
of glass from falling, multiple security protection.






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